Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dishonesty in the Republican Movement!

Are there criminals in the IRA? I mean, real criminals?

I am myself a Republican and I support the Irish Republican struggle for national independence and sovereignty of the 32 counties of Ireland.

Sadly, the people that represent that cause are not always to be trusted. Some are ordinary criminals. Some deal in drugs. Some commit crimes to entertain their own anti-social nature. Do we want them to have any part in the Republican movement in √Čire and Northern Ireland?

Because I am myself devoted to the movement, I want only the best for it. I demand the members to be decent folk with no criminal record full of violations that had nothing to do with any armed or political campaigns. Theft, break in, harrassment, inappropriate public behaviour.

But there are people whose anti-social behaviour has been overlooked, perhaps even deliberately ignored. Why? Because their anti-social nature makes them fit for operations?
Anti-social behaviour puts the IRA(all three) in disrepute, gives them a bad public image and gives me the right to question the stability, education, intelligence and ability to self-scrutiny of their leadership.

How come Edward Heeney, a member of the CIRA and currently imprisoned in Portlaoise Gaol, is not a recognised P.O.W? His reputation is black: drug abuse, an abnormally violent behaviour, manipulative, exploitative, deceptive and cunning. He is only one example.

Do we want these people to represent the Irish Republican struggle?

Should these people be members?

What does it all say about the leaderships?

I am committed to exposing the bad elements of the armed movement. Any assistance is appreciated. Do you know a soldier, in prison or not, who behaves susiciously/inappropriately?
I'd appreciate if you contacted me by e-mail. It's important that what you know becomes public knowledge.

Again, I am not looking to put the whole of the IRA in disrepute - I am a seeker of the truth about its members because I want only the best for MY country!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of a republican uses a phrase like "√Čire and Northern Ireland".

You are clearly a plant, possibly for the security forces, more likely for some silly tabloid.

11:06 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dessie O'Hare cut off a man's finger, yes, which is horrible, but that hardly makes him any worse than well-respected, upstanding republicans like the individuals behind the Derry "human bomb" attacks, or the bombing and machine-gunning of a Protestant pub in the 1970s. Why O'Hare has been singled out is beyond me-- probably because he was in the INLA.

1:01 p.m.  
Anonymous Cl. Ghadaffi said...

See this is the thing.
1, Anyone can make stories up about anyone.

2, This reminds me of the Sunday World. So called first hand accounts but no evidence just rumours.

3, I don't know Eddie but i do know Martin and what your writing is just rubbish that you took of the net and the papers.

4, When did Liam Campell get caught with drugs while in Portlaoise???

I do be on the IRBB, so you can contact me by pm on it anytime.
Cl. Ghadaffi

11:27 a.m.  

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