Friday, June 30, 2006

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Regarding recent accusations against McGuinness

I want to share a few thoughts on the recent allegations that Martin McGuinness(Sinn Féin) is a British agent, whether full-time or for a period of time.

Agents are intelligent, persuasive and determined people. They've been hand-picked for their skills to work for the British government(just read about what sort of people the MI5 want on or It would be foolish if Republicans underestimated their cleverness in reaching high positions in the IRA. And that foolishness and that gullibility are/may be/have allready been fatal to the stability and consistency of the IRA's struggle.

I believe some Republicans are so grown into their attitudes and their attitudes are so deeply rooted in them that they're unwilling to look right or left.

I'm determined not to be like that.

Why should we be, when it can benefit the movement? Self-scrutiny, a willingness to look inward, is not a sign of weakness. Let's rather call it 'double-checking'.

Dismissing claims out of pride and stubbornness is foolish. The British take hoax bombs seriously. Even though they are only hoax bombs. Why should not Republicans take Brits'(incl. Ingram's) revelations seriously? Even though [some believe] they may be nothing but "hoax bombs". (As for my own opinion, I don't believe this is a hoax. It is at least worth taking note of!)

I believe it would be better if we see this as a benefit to ourselves. Perhaps it's time that we see some people who were hand-picked for leader-positions in the RM?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Photo of Martin O Rourke

A news article about Martin O Rourke, a suspected CIRA-member. This man is, according to my sources, a simple-minded criminal who makes a living of stealing cars. He has been involved in a number of petty crimes. An honest man who should be allowed to represent the RM?

Post script to the CIRA-leadership: Kick him out!

Traumatic first-hand experience with CIRA-"POW" Edward Heeney

Traumatic first-hand experience with CIRA-"POW" Edward Heeney

A woman with whom I've corresponded, was willing to account for her traumatic experiences with Edward Heeney who is in Portlaoise Gaol at this time and due to release in September/October 2006. She desires to be anonymous, but that her experiences should become public knowledge. She wishes to warn against this man. Anyone with similar stories are welcome to make contact with me and I will publish their story with their permission. If you wish to cooperate or add a link to my blog on your website, you're most welcome to do so!

"I know that many CIRA-proponents will deny this and regard my story with suspicion and disbelief, perhaps even spite, or perhaps they will take offense.

Eddie drinks and used to have week-long periods of heavy drinking while in prison. When he is drunk he gets violent. He often wrecked his cell during these fits of drunk rage and beat up his fellow inmates in the D-block. My guess, although I haven't spoken to his cell-neighbours, is that he has a very bad and scary reputation in that prison.

He abused my emotions by bewitching me with his charm. And he was always so eloquent, sociable, talkative and entertaining and always seemed so genuinely interested in what I did and had to say. What I didn't notice at once was that was playing with me. He manipulated me with his charm, said that we had common interests and were so much alike. He told me lies in order to get closer to me, painted a "rosy picture" of himself. He was dazzling, such a fantastic person and so caring and welcoming. But they were all mere shallow words and broken promises.

Because eventually, I found out about his violent social behaviour, he had been dabbling with drugs since his teenages, beaten up people, slept with dumb, easy-going bitches that he picked up here and there, for then to move on to the next dumb, easy-going bitch. I was shocked. Shouldn't the CIRA take in moral, decent men? Not immoral scoundrels!

He made me feel unappreciated and inadequate so many times and it wore my out mentally. He made me feel guilty, and I was always the one that had to apologise even though I did nothing wrong. He controlled me by always questioning my loyalty and commitment to him, and I was foolish not to realise this.

I was romantically involved with him, but he kept questioning my emotions... where they real? He wore me out this way too. I was like a doll to him that could take any punch however hard it was. And I'm an easy prey because of my kindness and generosity. His inquisitiveness and suspiciousness was repetitive and turned almost hysterical sometimes.

He did so many things just to keep me in check.

I've organised my thoughts into this list of behavioural traits. I have no qualification in psychology, but I began to immerse in the study of psychopathy/anti-social personality disorder because I became worried about my own mental well-being and his awkward. contradictive and inconsistent way of acting.

- Grandiose: self-praise, self-glorification, gives himself compliments all of the time, thinks he is the most special man ever, wonderful physical and mental attributes - I have never met anyone in my whole life with such a high opinion of himself, it was disgusting and annoying. He fed on his own compliments to himself.
- Egocentric: shows almost complete disregard for my emotions and trauma that he has caused me, is very concerned with his own worries, life, wants me to see things from his point of view etc, it's always about him!
- Lack of empathy: has shown on a number of occasions that he does not feel with me, at least not in a notably genuine way – it is often short-lasting and thus insignificant?
- Shallowness: His sweet talk was repetitive and had no depth, no promising nature, as with his promises for what we were going to do together - he broke them all and he enjoyed it.
- Deceitful and manipulative: one of the most frequent signs – twists conversations, distorts my points, makes convos take new turns by "magic" to avoid confrontation, always telling lies and making up excuses.
- Aggression and irritation(outbursts which sound threatening: the tone of his voice) and this a trait that goes under Poor behavioural controls. He has also shown early anti-social behavour: beating up class-mates, other fighting
- Sly/cunning: has on a number of occasions done things to hurt me and offend me - DELIBERATELY. He took pleasure in abusing my emotions.
- Glib, charming, talkative, fast-talking thus good at controlling and manipulating the conversation: “Yeah, I’m a charmer”, “Yeah, I’m good at talking” he always used to say.

He took advantage of my kindness, my generosity and patience. And I have reasons to believe that his sole intention in the end was to exploit me sexually. This man is a liar. An inflated and insane anti-social beast.

There have been contradictions, manipulations, lies, and he totally lacks the ability to compromise, he says one thing one day and something completely different the other day. And when I confront him with this, he denies it, explains it away, tells a new lie, confuses me even more. It's like he's lost all reason! And his self-esteem is like nothing else on Mother Earth. Consumed with himself, sees only himself, victimizes himself, stupifies me by telling me double-truths, avoiding confrontations that harm his dignity, doesn't tolerate me questioning him, is defensive for no reason, and underneath the skin of a comfortable, lovely, sociable, talkative, humorous person he is a cruel con artist.

He took pleasure in confusing and playing with my emotions.

I should have seen the signs allready from day one when he began to ingratiate himself with me, saying I meant so much to him, nobody cared for him like me, I was so wonderful, touched his heart, I was so special. It was all a game RIGHT FROM THE START.

Sometimes he would say "But you know I would NEVER say anything to deliberately hurt you!" Having heard that psychopaths say this to their "loved ones" all the time before contradicting their reassuring words in the next instant, this sounds like a cliché. Predictible boloney!!

Another warning sign was when it became clear to me that he had no sense of self-criticism. He was always Mr Perfect. Nothing wrong with him. And there was something wrong with everybody else. Me too in the end. He made complaints about me and my body. Because of what I went through with him and the final disappointment I went into a shock after breaking up with him and disconnecting with him for good. I went into a deep depression, suffered from lack of sleep, uncontrollable crying, loss of appetite, low self-confidence, disinterest in my surroundings and the things that usually occupied me, constant low moods and hopelessness.

I had to talk to him again to ask him to send some things to me that I'd given him a long time ago. He didn't want to talk to me. And as a final blow to my allready shattered soul, he made a friend of his, Martin O'Rourke, call me and ask me for sexual services per phone. Edward knew that this would hurt me and offend me. I later found out that he did this to have a laugh."

This man is a psychopath. I advice all who read this to keep away from him as well as his companion O'Rourke.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dishonesty in the Republican Movement!

Are there criminals in the IRA? I mean, real criminals?

I am myself a Republican and I support the Irish Republican struggle for national independence and sovereignty of the 32 counties of Ireland.

Sadly, the people that represent that cause are not always to be trusted. Some are ordinary criminals. Some deal in drugs. Some commit crimes to entertain their own anti-social nature. Do we want them to have any part in the Republican movement in Éire and Northern Ireland?

Because I am myself devoted to the movement, I want only the best for it. I demand the members to be decent folk with no criminal record full of violations that had nothing to do with any armed or political campaigns. Theft, break in, harrassment, inappropriate public behaviour.

But there are people whose anti-social behaviour has been overlooked, perhaps even deliberately ignored. Why? Because their anti-social nature makes them fit for operations?
Anti-social behaviour puts the IRA(all three) in disrepute, gives them a bad public image and gives me the right to question the stability, education, intelligence and ability to self-scrutiny of their leadership.

How come Edward Heeney, a member of the CIRA and currently imprisoned in Portlaoise Gaol, is not a recognised P.O.W? His reputation is black: drug abuse, an abnormally violent behaviour, manipulative, exploitative, deceptive and cunning. He is only one example.

Do we want these people to represent the Irish Republican struggle?

Should these people be members?

What does it all say about the leaderships?

I am committed to exposing the bad elements of the armed movement. Any assistance is appreciated. Do you know a soldier, in prison or not, who behaves susiciously/inappropriately?
I'd appreciate if you contacted me by e-mail. It's important that what you know becomes public knowledge.

Again, I am not looking to put the whole of the IRA in disrepute - I am a seeker of the truth about its members because I want only the best for MY country!